Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna a Siniscola

Unique dishes of the Sardinian gastronomy

Genuinity and typical products are the keyword of Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna in Siniscola, the restaurant is located only 50 meters away from the harbour of La Caletta and it is easily reachable by feet after a day spent in the city or in one of the beaches of the surroundings. The restaurant, since 1969, promotoes the food and wine of Sardinia in an original and natural way: the products and raw materials used are of a high quality and strictly local. Miss Alessandra, who has been taking care of the restaurant for 15 years, has become the owner two years ago: she makes it a welcoming place where passiona and traditions melt together in a remarable taste experience. Promoter of the strong tasted of the Sardinia’s food and wine, miss Alessandra and the other workers who share her same passion and origins, offer an original menu which includes the flavors and raw materials of the Sardinia territory and the Mediterranean climate. The Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna in Siniscola offers to its clients typical products with the genuinity which only a handmade lunch can give. Impossible to miss is the fresh handmade pasta which the owner every day with effort and passion prepares: the ravioli with ricotta and spinach, the typical “Maccarrones de Busa” or the so-calles “Maccarronese de Punzu” are amogn the first dishes to try.


The restaurant, whee it si possible to taste the typical cuisine prepared y Alessandra is located in Siniscola. This part of the island is characterized by beaches whit fine and white sand and crystal-clear waters. For the tourists or the inhabitants of the place, the restaurant Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna in Siniscola is the place where to relax enjoying all the taste of Sardinia. The restauranti is located in the border area among Posada and La Caletta, the characteristic beach of the zone, also due to the Torre di San Giovanni, a bulding from the XV century. The key position of the restaurant La Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna in Siniscola close to the harbour and the free beaches makes it a touristic location other than the final step to end the trip in Sardinia with the typical food and wine tastes. Moreover, the structure has been recently restores always keeping intact that rustic feeling which makes the place typial and traditional since 1969.
The restauranti s equipped with tables into an air-conditioned room of 30 square meters and can also boast a covered veranda of 60 square meters, ebelisshed by a wooden rooftop. Thanks to the presence of an outdoor space and n indoor one, the restuarant of miss Alessandra is open in the summertime but also during the winter: on demand it is possible to organize confirmations, baptisms, birthday parties with a menu which will satisfy all the guests.


The Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna in Siniscola is an activty born in 1969 and it offers to the clients of the restaurant the dishes prepared in family. Among them the homemade pasta (maccaronnes de busa, maccaronnes de punzu, ravioli) topped up with homemade sauces and typical local meat of the Sardinia cuisine. At the end of the meal handmade desserts are offered (such as seadas, amaretto, casatinas, red pasta, papassinos, s’aranza di pompia and sa pompia). Sa pompia is a citrus typical of the Sinsicola zone which has come to be ery Fmous. At the end of the meal the homemade spirits can’t miss as a digestive (white and red mirto, pompia liqueur and pompia cream, limoncello and limoncello cream). After years of work and improving, some new sidings for pasta and local fish have been added to the menu. Trying to get better without losing the traditis. Being a long term prject every year they try to modify something to keep up with the new trends of the clients but trying to not lose the origins of the restaurant.

Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna Siniscola