Handmade pasta, typical desserts and homemade spirits

A tradition from 1969 the one of the Restaurant of Sardinian cusiine in Siniscola: the genuine and typical gastronomy of the island in a location which si perfect to enjoy the beach of La Caletta and Torre San Giovanni. The restaurant offers a menu which is rich of mediterranean flavours created with Sardinian raw materals for unique dishes with unforgettable taste. The chice of handmade pasta is wide: ravioli, gnocchi and the typical “Maccarones de busa” and after a dish of local fish or meat. A complete menu which miss Alessandra decided to end with the typical desserts handmade such as the amaretti or the pasassinos, accompanied by the famous mirto of Sardinia and other spirits typical of Sardinia, prepared in the restaurant’s kitchen. La Cucina Tipica Da Giovanna allows you to do a journey through the typical specialties of Sardinia, thanks to the experience and passion of the owner, who is able in this way to promote the richness of her own country.

second dish meat


At the miss Alessandra restaurant the typical meat dishes are a specialty which can’t be missed. Porcetto, roasted lamb, cordula, typical flavours which combines the mediterranean cuisine and the island one for a unique exprience for the meat lovers.

mixed fish


In the restaurant of Sardinian cuisine in Siniscola there is plenty of fish-based dishes. Whether they are entree or main courses, ti is fundamental to order at least one fish dish to enjoy the Sardinian cuisine. The menu offeres is a vortex of flavors coming from the Mediterranean which includes tuna and swordfish, soup, mixed fried fish and much more.

Restaurant Siniscola Sardinian cuisine


The owner of the restaurant of Sardinian cuisine in Siniscola treates his guests well with fresh homemade pasta. N the menu you will be able to find ravioli with ricotta and spinach, gnocchi and “maccarones de busa”: the handmade pasta is a dish you can’t go without!