Fresh fish and tradition

In the restaurant the variety which is typical of the Sardinia cuisine is brought to the table with cordiality and niceness. Tasting the typical fish dishes in Siniscola, the guests can discover again the itineraries of Sardinia and to feel the sea scent coming from the fresh fish, prepared with attention and passion, directly on the table. The guests of the restaurant La Cucina Tipica da Giovanna will be able to get lost in the thousands of offers of the fish-based menu. Fresh fishes accompanied by sidings with high quality local raw materials are prepared in different ways, to offer a variety which is a characteristic of the resaurant.

Sitting in the veranda, in the rustic and welcoming environment the restaurant offers, or comfortably sitting in the indoor room with air conditioning system, the clients of the restaurant will be able to taste fish-based dishes, prepared with skill by the cook and served with the cordiality and niceness which only a traditional restaurant can give. The menu offer goes from a mixed fried fish, rich in codfish, argentinian fish, shrimps, to the elegant and refined taste of the wine-cooked shrimps, and then oven-cooked orata or a tasty grilled swordfish. In the wide range of choices it i salso included a fish soup which is extremely goos, different according to the daily fish. The freshness of ingredients makes the menu alive and high quality. For big vents or for a romantic dinner it i salso possible, with a previous booking, to taste the lobster or the fresh lobster claw, because the variety of the menu is measured also with the different needs. A choice of fresh fish which suits all the budgets, for a quality-price ratio thought for satisfying everyone.

Traditional sweets for a super final

After tasting the typical fish dishes in Siniscola the owner Alessandra keeps the path with typical desserts of the territory and handmade spirits. The cuisine of La Cucina Tipica da Giovanna is aware of the fact a gastronomic itinerary famous for the traditional tastes of Sardinia can’t miss out on the desserts. Miss Alessandra prepares the “Seadas” state-of-the-art a dish with spanish origins with fresh cheese and semolina. The “Seadas” are a dish which belongs to the sheperds tradition which will sweetly embrace the guests. Other specialty of the cook are the “Papassinos” with raisins, almonds, nuts and lemon skin, with a trong taste which will catch the palate of every guest. The wide choice of desserts does not only limit to two specialties: at Miss Alessandra restauranti it is possible to find the “Sa Pompia”, prepared with honey of a citrus typical of the Siniscola area, the Aranzata de Pompia and the famous amaretti. La Cucina Tipica da Giovanna ha sas final goal the one of satisfying the client’s palate, offering a various menu which combines tradition, quality and taste.