The typical tastes of the handmade pasta

One of the main dishes of the cuisine of La Cucina Tipica da Giovanna is the fresh pasta in La Caletta. In the restaurant, in fact, which is promoter of the simple taste and genuinity of the Sardinia cuisine, the fresh handmade pasta couldn’t iss out. The owner everyday prepares fresh pasta with local ingedients, because tradition has become passion and will to make people discover the beauty and heritage of Sardinia, and the nit is served on the table with the curious names of the Sardinia dialect. After a day spent on the white beaches of La Caletta diving in the crystal waters which stops the time in the epoque of the untouched nature, miss Alessandra cuddles her clients with genuine food which allow them to re-discover the pleasure of simplicity and small things. The menu offers the so called “Maccarones de Busa”, a kind of bucatini, made as in the ancient times with a long iron tool which gives them the typical shapes, with clams and fish eggs. For the lovers of filled pasta, the kitchen prepares ravioli with ricotta and fish eggs, spinachs and herbs. For the lovers fo tradition, the “Spaghetti allo Scoglio” does not miss, a dish which is difficult to find i the restaurants, but also the seafood risotto, fished daily and never freezed. A typical dish from Sardinia you should try and strictly prepared with handmade pasta is the Fregola with fish eggs and clams: for those who don’t know it, this is a particular kind of pasta in small clumps which perfectly matches the ingredients chosen by the cook. The division among fish and meati s also available in the first courses. For the lovers of the meat taste, the choice of handmade pasta is wide, even without fish: for the youngest or the lvoers of simple tastes, miss Alessandra offers a mix of handmade pasta with a genuine tomato sauce, and the so called “Maccarones de punzu”, particular gnocchi topped up with sausage sauce. To finish, even thoguh the choice goes on with other options, the Pane Frattau has to be mentioned, the typical panae carasau merged into the broth and set on alternated layers with pecorino cheese and tomato sauce.

A marvelous final with homemade spirits

To taste the fresh pasta in La Caletta is an experience involving all the senses and brings you back to the culinary traditions of Sardinia and the Mediteranean Sea. La Cucina Tipica d Giovanna with its rich menu in entrees of fish and meat, handmade pasta, main courses with fish and meat and typical Sardinia desserts, represents since 1969 a guarantee of taste and flavours on the East Coast of Sardinia.

Through the gastornomic path miss Alessandra thought to everything: the digestive or post-lunch spiriti s strictly homemade and with local ingedients. At the end of the lunch or dinner it is mandatory to taste the traditional mirto in the red, white or creamy variety. The ancient liqueur, produced from berries, which once upon a time was forbiddn by the law, is homemade with the same procedure of the past, to ensure a unique flavour. A musi s also the “Sa Pompia”, the digestive adapt to conclude the dinners and lunches in the Siniscola area. In fact, this spiriti s made from the skin of Pompia, a kind of citrus which si typical of the area. The sweet taste and the bitter aftertaste make this liqueur an excellent digestive, which is the final step of the food and wine journey through the Sardinia specialties, offered by th kitchen of La Cucina Tipica da Giovanna in Siniscola.