The pastoral tradition combined to quality

The restaurant La Cucina Tipica is winning in the promotion of the tradition of the Sardinia’s food, beacuse it keeps the main value: variety. The island, in fact, throughout hisotry has enriched thanks to relationship ad contamination coming from other mediterranean cultures, at the point it gained experience in the preparation of a variety of dishes which goes from the roasted meat, the fresh fish, the handmade pasta, the typical desserts. The menu of the restaurant, following this trend, offers to its clients an entire page of the menu dedicated to the typical meat dishes in Siniscola.

The preparation technique and the recipes miss Alessandra uses for her dishes are the result of a pastoral tradition which combines the quality of the local raw materials with the simple taste of a homemade food. In the restaurant the lovers of meat will be able to taste in the veranda or within the air-conditioned room, roasted calf meat, topped up with herbs and spices form Sardinia, but also typical dishes with lamb meat, a soft meat with an intense flavour, which si the symbol of the pastoral tradition. The recipes of the pastoral tradition have left to the descendents the richness of a food tradition which is simple yet refined, a richness which si possible to find in the restaurant’s cuisine.

Among the typical meat dishes in Siniscola you should absolutely try the vermentino lamb with olives, a tasty dish from Sardinia with a trong meat presence, also enriched with the garlic cream with a vermentino scent. In the restaurant of specialties of the Sardinia kitchen in Siniscola, miss Alessandra has created with her typical dishes a cordial atmosphere which with genuinity and simplicity brings to the light a culinary tradition which deserves to be tried. The love for food and traditions, combined with experience make the restaurant in Siniscola one of the must visit places if you are going along that charming rea of Sardinia.